Assessment (Brown Belts) and Grading Dates 2014


March 9th
June 1st
Sept 7th
Nov 30th


March 16th
June 8th
Sept 14th
December 7th

All lessons cancelled on grading days.

Lessons continue on assessment days as normal.

Grading Times for Sunday 8th December 2013

The grading will take place at Harpenden Leisure Centre at the following times:

Tiny Tigers 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Coloured Belts 1.45pm to 3.00pm
Brown Belts 12.30pm to 3.00pm

Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Brown Belt Assessments, Sunday 1st December 2013

Brown Belt Assessments will be held on Sunday 1st December from 10.30am to 1.30pm at Roundwood Park Sports Centre. All Brown Belts expected to attend.

Grading Dates 2013

March 17th Brown Belt Assessments
March 24th Main Grading

June 23rd Brown Belt Assessments
June 30th Main Grading

September 15th Brown Belt Assessments
September 22nd Main Grading

December 1st Brown Belt Assessments
December 8th Main Grading

The brown belt assessments take place every 3 months. Every brown belt is expected to attend the dates have been given ahead of time to allow you to plan for these days.

The journey from brown belt to black belt can be a step learning curve and we want to be able to give the best opportunity to everyone to focus on their goal and train to keep fitness levels up and a chance to go over the current syllabus for the black belt.

It is not possible in lesson time to run through the whole syllabus and the mocks are a great opportunity to keep in touch with the basics and katas that need to be learnt. The mocks are a benefit to all brown belts it enables you to have an extended training session focusing purely on your level keeping black belt excellence in mind in an environment that reflects the level of knowledge required in a pressured environment that you will be expected to strive for to reach black belt. The assessments will be free of charge and only those that are due to grade will have to pay the fee for the grading in the normal way.

Even brown belts that do not have enough stamps to be considered for grading are still expected to come so that we are able to assess their performance and give feedback on the areas that need more focus.

If you have any questions please contact Brian on 07737 034354.

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Grading Photos – Harpenden Leisure Centre, Sunday 9th September 2012