Following discussions with our hall Lettings most have confirmed a restart in September. We will post information with exact dates for each venue when they have been booked. More outdoor sessions will be scheduled soon so keep an eye out for them. All payments will remain on hold until training resumes. Keep practicing and stay healthy.

Do you want to do some karate practice ?

We have set up a page for our students to join. We will be posting short clips for you to practice. This page is only for existing students or mums and dads of the student). Please answer the joining questions to be accepted.

We would like you to watch the videos and practice the moves if you would like to comment, ask a question or upload your own video please do, all we ask is for the videos on the page be kept for personal use and not shared or downloaded anywhere else. We are just having some fun and keeping In touch.

Some videos will be put on tomorrow which will be broken down into segments. We have approached it in a laid back easy going format we are not trying to promote a professionally produced training guide it’s just us at home practicing if you wish to join in for free.

The page is MBKD southern online training

If you ask to join we will approve later and start uploading tomorrow afternoon.

Hope you are all keeping well.

After listening to the updates we have decided to cancel all classes.

Whilst we haven’t been advised this is necessary under current guidelines we feel it’s important to protect the instructors, students and people we all go home and mix with. Social distancing seems to be key. It would only be a matter of days anyway until we would have been advised by the letting agents/schools to close.

As for you all it’s a tough decision to make and will affect lots of small business and large alike but health and well-being needs to be a priority and hopefully we will be back to normal soon and teturning to a safe place for us to train.

The classes will reopen when it’s safe to do so and the halls are allowed to hire them.

In the meantime we have made the decision to put on hold all direct debit payments for training from April 1st, therefore no payments will be taken for April. We have been established for 30 years and look forward to continuing once we can. It’s just a pause.

We will be setting up and offering online training over the next few days and will post details about that soon.

Thank you for your understanding at this time. Stay safe. We are in this together 🙂

Following the latest update just some news.

Roundwood park, Pixmore school and Gadebridge are still going ahead, but watch this space it may change daily. Going forward no doubt this will cease for the time being.

We are going to make an announcement over the weekend about training online. We may not be able to meet in a dojo but it doesn’t mean karate has to stop, we are still a community and we have some options available to us.

Stay tuned.


Just keeping you up to date for the moment we have been advised by school/venues they are not allowing clubs to continue for the time being with immediate effect, this will be monitored by each hall. The following venues have been cancelled and no classes will continue until further notice.

Tuesday no training at Tanners Wood Hall, Abbots Langley

Wednesday no training at Nicholas Hawksmoor, Towcester

Friday no training at Breakspeare school, Abbots Langley

Other venues remain unaffected at this time however we expect this to change soon and we will advise of any changes and updates ASAP.

We will update over the next couple of days with more information.

We hope you are all doing ok at this difficult time.

No photos from the grading but just a quick thanks to you all today who dealt with the guidelines we proposed to try and keep everyone healthy.

Thank you to all the students and well done, parents, carers and anyone who came and made it a success.

As always thanks to the grading panel 😊

Grading 15th March 2020

Sunday grading times

Tiny Tigers 9.30am-10.30am
Downstairs main hall

White-Red belts 10.30am-11.30am
Yellow-Purple/White 11.30am-12.30pm
Brown-Brown/Red Belts 12.30pm-13.30pm
Assessments 13.30pm-15.30pm
Upstairs hall

Roundwood Park School Sports Centre

Please do not bring in smart watches/devices
and all jewellery needs to be removed

We understand it’s nice to watch the grading
but it is distracting to the instructors and the people grading if people are talking or pushing the doors or looking through the glass

Just a quick update on grading

Please wash your hands before entering the grading hall. Please wash your hands after you leave.

If you or anyone you know feels unwell please do not attend.

We have decided that there will no sparring at Sundays grading, just trying to have a sensible approach and minimise contact.

Also no handshakes at presentation, bowing is fine.

We would also ask that at this grading once you have finished to leave straight away and not to take photos and hang around. We have people coming and going all day so we would like to try and minimise gatherings and protect everyone as much as possible.

Take a picture when you get home 🙂

If you feel you are unable to attend the grading please let us know by text 07737 034354
Just advise name and club.

It’s an unusual situation but I’m sure we can make it work if we follow guidelines and advice.

Nicholas Hawksmoor

Tomorrow’s lesson at Nicholas Hawksmoor will be held in the Dance/Drama studio instead of the main hall due to parents evening, this can be accessed through the back playground, please use front gates. Times remain unchanged.

Breakspeare School

Changes to Lesson Times at Breakspeare School on Fridays :

Tiny Tigers 5.00pm-5.45 pm

Main Class for all grades incl Brown and Black belts 6.00pm-7.00pm

Once a month 7.00pm-7.30pm Brown and Black belts

These changes are from this week 6th March and the first brown and black belt extra lesson will be on this week with Brian.

We are excited to announce that the Tiny Tigers Class will now be instructed by Danni (Mummy Tiger)

Danielle is Director with Brian Owen of MBKD Southern and has been training nearly 20 years and is a 3rd Dan. Danielle wrote the Tiny Tiger syllabus and has experience as a gymnast and fitness instructor.

The Main class will now be taken by Nick Heaps. Nick is one of our grading panel and has been training for many years also and is a 2nd Dan. Nicks technical knowledge is superb and he always trains hard and gives 100%. He will be a fantastic addition to the Abbots team.

The extra class once a month will be taken by Brian Owen to prepare the brown and black belts for the black belt grading and more technical knowledge.

Also we are happy to confirm that Oliver Parkes is now the instructor of the Tiny Tigers at Hemel Hempstead on a Sunday. Oliver has been with the club since he was a young boy and trains week in week out committing to every class. Oliver is a 3rd Dan and also one of our grading panel.

All other classes will remain the same times, don’t forget if you can’t make a lesson you can always go to one of the other classes on a different day. Change is good as you come out of your comfort zone and focus on your own journey of karate.

Special thanks to Maurice and Micheal as well who have been supporting the changes.