That’s all folks. Karate 2021 done !

Sweetie runs done.

See you all in the new year 😃 thanks for the cards and pressies everyone, but mainly thank you for training and commitment.

Classes restart Wednesday 5th Jan (hopefully 🤪)

Happy Christmas all. 🎄🎅🏻


Reminder grading

Venue is Harpenden Leisure Centre not Roundwood.
Please bring your red licence if you haven’t already.
There will no ability to view the gradings but will call parents/carers in the end to take picture at presentation.

Ting Tigers – 10-10.55am

White, Blue, Orange, Red – 11-11.55am

Yellow, Green, purple, purple and white, brown belts all colours (grading) – 12noon- 1pm

Brown belt assessments – 12noon-2pm

See you then

Finishing and restart dates

Last lesson Tuesday 21st December restart Wednesday 5th Jan

We have made the decision for this year to change our normal 4 week break from training. 2 weeks we had in the summer and 2 weeks over Christmas rather than the usual 4 week break over Christmas.

As most of you are aware we take a break over Christmas/New year as the direct debit payments cover 48 training sessions throughout the year in 12 x 4 week blocks. Leaving 4 weeks of the year for a break.

At Christmas there will only be a two week break so no training that’s paid for will be missed.

Grading schedule December 2021

Wednesday 8th December
All Tiny Tigers 4.30pm to 5.15pm
All Grades 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Sunday 12th December
All Tiny Tigers 10.00am to 10.55am
White, Blue, Orange, Red 11.00am to 11.55am
Yellow, Green, Purple, Purple/white, Brown,
Brown/white, Brown/WW, Brown/Red
12 NOON to 1.00pm
Assessments Brown/white, Brown/double white, Brown/Red, Brown/double red.
12 NOON to 2pm

If you normally train on one of these days please attend an alternative lesson that week to make up for the missed class.

The assessments take place every 3 months and everyone from Brown/white to Brown/double red who is not grading is expected to attend. Brown belts grade every 6 months if they are ready, with an assessment in between.
The journey from brown belt to black belt can be a steep learning curve and we want to be able to give the best opportunity for everyone to focus on their goal and train to keep fitness levels up and a chance to go over the current syllabus for the black belt.
It is not possible in lesson time to run through the whole syllabus and the assessments are a great opportunity to keep in touch with the basics and katas that need to be learnt. The assessments are of benefit to all and enables you to have an extended training session focusing purely on your level. Black belt excellence is kept in mind and in an environment that reflects the level of knowledge required in a pressured environment that you will be expected to strive for to reach black belt. The assessments will be free of charge and only those that are due to grade will have to pay the fee for the grading in the normal way.
Even those that do not have enough stamps to be considered for grading are still expected to come so that we are able to assess their performance and give feedback on the areas that need more focus.

These two are going back in the garage for a Christmas break. They enjoyed their dojo tour and will be back! Hope everyone enjoyed working out on them, my workout was loading and unloading the car 😂

All classes on as normal over half-term including Sunday 31st. See you there🥋