Changes to training schedule for Summer 2021

We have made the decision for this year to change our normal 4 week break from training.

As most of you are aware we take a break over Christmas/New year for 4 weeks as the direct debit payments cover 48 training sessions throughout the year in 12 x 4 week blocks. Leaving 4 weeks of the year for a break.

Brian has 2 weeks off from his job and we have decided to take this time to recharge and spend precious time together as a family, being a postman during lockdown has been hard work, the last year/two have shown us all how important this is. Rather than ask some of the other instructors to cover this time we have decided to move 2 weeks of the break so they get a chance to relax with friends and family also, we are grateful for the support they give us throughout the year. As things reopen a bit we expect some of you will be out and about, summer training can be quieter with class sizes fluctuating.

Therefore the dojo’s will be closed from and including Sunday 25th July for two weeks first class back will resume at Harpenden and Hemel on Sunday 8th August. Class times over the summer remain the same apart from Thursday evening’s at Roundwood where the Brown and Black belts will train at 6.30pm alongside white to purple belts and Friday evenings at Pixmore where Tiny Tigers will be 6pm and white to Purple belts, Brown to Black belts will be at 7pm.

At Christmas there will only be a two week break so no training that’s paid for will be missed.

The dojo’s will be open for the rest of the summer and once we open if you wish to train a few extra lessons either on a different day or a different venue that is no problem.

Thanks for your understanding.

One last thing
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