As requested how to tie your belt.

Why do we have a belt?

It shows progression and level of wearer. As an instructor it enables us to quickily identify where a student is training at.

We have dojo etiquette and the highest grade always stands at the top of the line and should make sure the line is in order and in control.

Our belts go in this order other clubs may choose a different order but the skill level will remain the same. At each colour you will learn a new kata, you need to also demonstrate the previous kata and basics and techniques you learn.

Belt colour – Kata name

White – Kihon 8 moves
Blue – Kihon full
Orange – Heian Shodan
Red – Heian Nidan
Yellow – Heian Sandan
Green – Heian Yondan
Purple – Heian Godan
Purple and white – Tekki Shodan
Brown – Bassai Dai
Brown and single white – Bassai Dai
Brown and double white – Bassai Dai
Brown and single red – Kanku Dai
Brown and double red – Enpi and Jion
And of course

Black – All the above katas

Did you know that once you are a black belt there are 10 levels. When you get your black belt you would be called 1st Dan. At Black belt there are new katas to learn. You have to wait a minimum number of years between each black belt grade to achieve your next level.

We also have a tiny tiger belt system which mirrors the above colours. Once you achieve black belt in the tiny tigers you are the equivalent of a full yellow belt.

Although I love watching the progression and watching someone achieve a new belt remember this is just an indication of learning. Your karate journey is about your best and your ability and understanding, not about comparing yourself to others. A great white belt to me is more qualified than a brown belt that hasn’t come to the dojo with an attitude to learn. In our dojo we respect effort, spirit first, technique second.

We train together, we learn from each other.


The learning never ends so never give up ❤️

My fave Heian Kata – Heian Nidan (peaceful mind level 3)
Brians favourite – Heian Godan (peaceful mind level 5)

My fave black belt kata – Enpi (translates to flying swallow)
Brians favourite – Enpi
We had this engraved on our wedding cake 🎂 sad but true

Kata I’m not so keen on – Hangetsu (crescent moon)
Brians least favourite – same 😂😂

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