Grading Dates 2012


Sunday March 25th
Sunday July 1st (rescheduled from June 10th)
Sunday September 9th
Sunday December 9th

Assessments (Brown Belts)

Sunday March 11th
Sunday May 27th
Sunday September 2nd, 12pm
Sunday December 2nd

All the gradings and assessments will take place at Harpenden Leisure Centre.

No Lessons Over the Easter Weekend

Reminder: there will be no lessons on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Dojo News, March 2012

Change of Grading Date

Please note a change to grading date. The next main grading will be July 1st 2012. We have been advised on that day that there may be road restrictions on the high street as it is Armed forces day. Please allow extra time to park your car and attend.


A competition is being arranged for all students and all ages in Milton Keynes on Saturday May 19th. Full details to follow. If you would like to compete or come along speak to your instructor. It is a good chance to take this opportunity to compare your skills and others and enter into a competitive arena. This competition is in memory of Sensei Randloph Williams who recently passed away all proceeds will go to his memorial fund.

Dates with No Training

There will be no lessons on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Please feel free to make your missed lesson up at any other venue or time during the week..

Tanners Wood Hall will be closed for the following training dates due to Blood Donation days: May 1st and May 15th. Please make up your missed lessons at Breakspeare School on Friday or Sunday Morning at Tanners Wood Hall.

Please remember apart from the above exception dates training continues as normal during the school holidays at Easter and during the summer.

Shihan Minakami Visit

Shihan Minakami will be in England on July 8th and there will be opportunity to train with him that week, dates and venues to be confirmed.

Pre-Lesson Etiquette

We would like to remind students when they enter the hall if they arrive early we expect them to come in and sit quietly, practice Kata or basics until the lessons starts. Karate is a disciplined Martial Art and it can be unfair on some students who are trying to practice if others are running around or talking.

License Renewals

Please make sure all licences are renewed they should have a pink slip in the back and should be renewed each year in January. If for some reason this has not been done please complete a licence form and hand to your instructor.

Brown Belt Assessments

A reminder all Brown Belts are expected to attend the assessments, next assessment will be May 27th. We hope this will improve fitness and give all brown belts a chance to go over the full syllabus for black belt excellence.

Recent Grading

A big well done to all those who passed the recent grading there seems to have been some real improvement please maintain your level of commitment and focus and attend all lessons.

Kumite Lessons for All Grades

Kumite is held every Wednesday at Harpenden between 7 – 8 pm. Kumite is open to all grades although brown belts are expected to attend at least 1 or 2 in between assessments. We understand this may be late for some of our younger students maybe they could attend during the school holidays. This lesson has a more laid back feel to normal and incorporates fitness and stamina training.

Brian Owen

Bushido Summer Championships, 25th July 2009: Results


Winner – Johnny Lewis- Vaike ( Woughton MK), Second – Julia Zoladkiewicz ( Oxford ), Third – Joleyon Flynn ( Woughton MK), Fourth- Harvey Allen ( Shenley MK ).

KATA WHITE TO PURPLE/W 8 years to 11 years

Winner – Tristan Atkinson ( Hinckley ), Second – James Dawson ( Woughton MK), Third – Jordan Flynn ( Woughton MK), Fourth – Brittany Allen ( Shenley MK ).

KATA BROWN TO BLACK  8 years to 11 years

Winner – Khaleah Lewis-Vaike ( Woughton MK), Second – Jack Allen ( Shenley MK ), Third – Georgio Raggozino ( Brook End MK ) Fourth – James Sutcliffe ( Letchworth ).

KATA WHITE TO PURPLE/W  12 years to 15 years

Winner –  David Thomas ( Stantonbury MK )

KATA BROWN TO BLACK  12 years to 15 years

Winner – Wesley Britnell ( Woughton MK ), Second – Savannah Watts ( Shenley MK ), Third – Oliver Parkes ( Hemel ), Fourth – Hannah Frank ( Buckingham ).

KATA WHITE TO PURPLE/W  Adult 16 years and Over

Winner – Greg Zoladkiewicz ( Oxford ), Second – Arturo Reyes ( Oxford ), Third – Simon Babatunde ( Shenley MK ), Fourth – Vicki Harrison ( Brook End MK ).

KATA BROWN TO BLACK  Adult 16 years and Over

Winner – Nick Heaps ( Harpenden ), Second – Anthony Griffin ( Stantonbury MK ), Third – Steve Frank ( Buckingham ).


Winners – Julia Zoladkiewicz, Jordan Flynn and Joleyon Flynn.   Second – Anthony Thomas, David Thomas and Tristan Atkinson.


Winners – Savanah Watts, Wesley Britnell and Khaleah Lewis – Vaike.  Second – Jack Allen, David Sutcliffe and James Sutcliffe.


Winner – Oliver Parkes ( Hemel ),  Second – Savanah Watts ( Shenley MK ).

SAN BON KUMITE 8 years to 10 years All Grades

Winner – Khaleah Lewis – Vaike ( Woughton MK ), Second – Jack Allen ( Shenley MK ), Third – Johnny Lewis – Vaike ( Woughton ), Fourth – Anthony Thomas ( Stantonbury MK )

SAN BON KUMITE  11 years to 15 years

Winner – Hannah Frank ( Buckingham ), Second – David Thomas ( Stantonbury MK ).


Winner – Steve Frank ( Buckingham ), Second – Anthony Griffin ( Stantonbury MK ).