Below are the katas we practice, along with the grading for which they are required; they are practiced for the duration of the previous belt in preparation.  For example, when you pass your red belt grading, you will start learning Heian Nidan in your lessons, and you’ll need to be able to know this kata when you take your yellow belt grading.

Please note that when you take a grading you are expected to know the kata for the belt you’re grading for, and all previous katas.  For example, if you are taking your purple belt grading, you will be expected to know Heian Yondan in particular, but also Heian Sandan, Heian Nidan, Heian Shodan and Kihon.

Please use the videos as a guide, but note that there are often minor differences in some movements between different karate schools; your sensei will be able to show you the ‘definitive’ version of the kata you are expected to know for your grading.

Basic Kata

Kihon (for 10th Kyu Blue [first 8 moves only] / 9th Kyu Orange [full kata])

Heian Katas

Heian Shodan (for 8th Kyu Red)

Heian Nidan (for 7th Kyu Yello)

Heian Sandan (for 6th Kyu Green)

Heian Yondan (for 5th Kyu Purple)

Heian Godan (for 4th Kyu Purple & White)

Brown Belt Katas

Tekki Shodan (for 3rd Kyu Brown)

Bassai Dai (for 2nd Kyu Ho Brown & White and 2nd Kyu Brown & Double White)

Kanku Dai (for 1st Kyu Ho Brown & Red and 1st Kyu Brown & Double Red)

Black Belt Katas

Empi / Jion (for Shodan Black)

Hangetsu / Tekki Nidan / Bassai Sho / Kanku Sho / Nijushiho (for Nidan Black)

Sochin / Jitte / Gankaku / Tekki Sandan / Jiin / Chinte / Meikyo / Unsu / Gojushiho Dai / Gojushiho Sho (for Sandan Black)