Abbots Langley

Abbots langley

Classes in Abbots Langley will restart at the end of September. Direct Debits are now being taken off hold for October payment of membership numbers 472 and 517. Breakspeare school is not currently letting their hall due to high cleaning costs and vulnerable students at the school. We have therefore temporarily arranged for extra classes to be held on a Monday at Tanners Wood Hall alongside the Tuesday lessons.

Mondays from 28th September
4.30 to 5.15pm Tiny Tigers
5.30 to 6.15pm White to purple/white belts 6.30 to 7.15pm brown to black belts
Tuesdays from 29th September
4.30 to 5.15pm White to purple/white belts
5.30 to 6.15pm brown to black belts

Any Tiny Tigers currently training on a Tuesday can continue to do so in the 4.30pm Tuesday class or go to the Tiny Tiger class on a Monday also at 4.30pm.

All classes with Covid martial arts guidelines in place. No equipment, no attendance cards to be brought and all students must arrive dressed in karate Gi, belt and trainers/sports shoes. No spectators will be allowed at the hall or in the foyer it will be drop off and collect.

Please confirm by text your attendance before each lesson.

Look forward to seeing you.


Following our previous notification all direct debits will restart on or around the 15th September excluding Tanners Wood, Breakspeare and Towcester apart from the individuals from those schools who have contacted me to train at other venues. Next month payments will return to your usual date.
Please text me if you haven’t already done so before attending classes.
07737 034354

We are restarting karate on Sunday September 6th within the current Covid-19 government guidelines.

Parents dropping their children to class will not be permitted to stay, if they need to they must wait outside. Spectators to martial arts classes are not allowed. Classes will have a clearly signed entry and exit area, where possible, and a hand cleaning station where all persons entering the class area will clean their hands.

We will be keeping all classes to 45minutes allowing time for cleaning between and after classes and to maintain social distancing. There will be no entry from those attending the next class until all those in the previous class have left.

There will be no changing room facilities so you need to come ready dressed in karate Gi, belt and wearing soft soled trainers or sports shoes. Laced up shoes no crocs or slip ons.
For now there will be no need to bring any equipment.

All students need to text 07737034354 each week before each class stating which class they wish to attend in order to avoid exceeding maximum numbers allowed and to keep an attendance record.


Good news we are excited to advise you that we are back! 😀
We are so excited to get back on track and focusing on training again and heading for a December grading.

As an independent business it has been extremely challenging after working and building the club for 30 years closing it down was extremely hard to watch. We appreciate everyone’s support during these tough times as a small business we need the support to keep the business running.

The following classes will be restarting (covid guidelines will be in place to ensure the safety of our students and instructors in line with government recommendations)

All direct debits will be reinstated from September

Lesson details below
Sunday 6th
Roundwood sports centre, Harpenden
9.30am to 10.15am Tiny Tigers
9.30am to 10.15am All Grades

Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead
10.15am to 11.00am Tiny Tigers
11.15am to 12noon All Grades

Tuesday 8th
Thomas Coram, Berkhamsted
7.00pm to 7.45pm

Thursday 10th
Roundwood School, Harpenden
5.30pm to 6.15pm Tiny Tigers
6.30pm to 7.15pm White to Purple/White belts
7.30pm to 8.15pm Brown and Black belts

Friday 11th
Pixmore School, Letchworth
5.00pm to 5.45pm Tiny Tigers
6.00pm to 6.45pm White to Purple/White belts
7.00pm to 7.45pm Brown and Black belts

We are awaiting confirmation from Abbots Langley, Breakspeare and Towcester these will remain closed until confirmation has been given, these direct debits will remain on hold. Any students wishing to train from one of these venues at a different location please let me know direct
Brian 07737 034354

Following discussions with our hall Lettings most have confirmed a restart in September. We will post information with exact dates for each venue when they have been booked. More outdoor sessions will be scheduled soon so keep an eye out for them. All payments will remain on hold until training resumes. Keep practicing and stay healthy.