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Letchworth Lesson Back On, Friday 8th February 2019

Pixmore lesson at Letchworth will be on this week 8th February.

Lesson was due to be cancelled as the school was using the hall but this event has been cancelled so we can use the hall now 🙂

Please spread the word!

Tiny tigers 5.30-6.15pm (Might even get a visit from Brian to teach)

All grades 6.30-7.30pm

Breakspeare School Closed Friday February 1st 2019

Breakspeare school closed today. The car park and footpaths will not be cleared. All lessons there tonight Friday 1st are cancelled. Please try and attend an alternative class, visit our website for venues and times.

Pixmore school in Letchworth is open and both classes are running tonight as normal.

Drive safely.

Weather Warnings, January 2019

Any cancellations of lessons due to the weather will be posted here so please check before leaving for class.
Drive safely.


Are you ready…….
The punches are on the way

Roundwood Park School, Thursday January 17th 2019

Pre warning
Roundwood Park School are unable to let us have the use of the hall on Thursday due to an open evening
As it’s the first lesson back we are trying to find an alternative venue for the night but without much luck so far as such short notice
Will keep you updated