Breakspeare School

Changes to Lesson Times at Breakspeare School on Fridays :

Tiny Tigers 5.00pm-5.45 pm

Main Class for all grades incl Brown and Black belts 6.00pm-7.00pm

Once a month 7.00pm-7.30pm Brown and Black belts

These changes are from this week 6th March and the first brown and black belt extra lesson will be on this week with Brian.

We are excited to announce that the Tiny Tigers Class will now be instructed by Danni (Mummy Tiger)

Danielle is Director with Brian Owen of MBKD Southern and has been training nearly 20 years and is a 3rd Dan. Danielle wrote the Tiny Tiger syllabus and has experience as a gymnast and fitness instructor.

The Main class will now be taken by Nick Heaps. Nick is one of our grading panel and has been training for many years also and is a 2nd Dan. Nicks technical knowledge is superb and he always trains hard and gives 100%. He will be a fantastic addition to the Abbots team.

The extra class once a month will be taken by Brian Owen to prepare the brown and black belts for the black belt grading and more technical knowledge.

Also we are happy to confirm that Oliver Parkes is now the instructor of the Tiny Tigers at Hemel Hempstead on a Sunday. Oliver has been with the club since he was a young boy and trains week in week out committing to every class. Oliver is a 3rd Dan and also one of our grading panel.

All other classes will remain the same times, don’t forget if you can’t make a lesson you can always go to one of the other classes on a different day. Change is good as you come out of your comfort zone and focus on your own journey of karate.

Special thanks to Maurice and Micheal as well who have been supporting the changes.

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