Gradings / Assessments 2018

The following dates are for all grades including brown/red belts for whom assessments will be held on the same day as the gradings.

March 25th 2018

June 24th 2018

September 23rd 2018

December 9th 2018

Times will be confirmed for each belt colour on the grading forms nearer the time.

We are sorry if these dates clash with any plans but we are unable to offer individual gradings.

The gradings will be held at Harpenden Leisure Centre, AL5 2HU.

The brown/red belt assessments take place every 3 months. Every brown/red belt is expected to attend the dates have been given ahead of time to allow you to plan for these days.

The journey from brown belt to black belt can be a step learning curve and we want to be able to give the best opportunity to everyone to focus on their goal and train to keep fitness levels up and a chance to go over the current syllabus for the black belt.

It is not possible in lesson time to run through the whole syllabus and the assessments are a great opportunity to keep in touch with the basics and katas that need to be learnt. The assessments are of benefit to all brown/red belts and enables you to have an extended training session focusing purely on your level. Black belt excellence is kept in mind and in an environment that reflects the level of knowledge required in a pressured environment that you will be expected to strive for to reach black belt. The assessments will be free of charge and only those that are due to grade will have to pay the fee for the grading in the normal way.

Even brown/red belts that do not have enough stamps to be considered for grading are still expected to come so that we are able to assess their performance and give feedback on the areas that need more focus.

Grading Timetable for 14th January 2018

Sunday January 14th 2018

Times of the grading have had to change due to a pre booked children’s party at the Leisure Centre. This was the only day available to us in January. Please familiarise yourselves with the times relevant to your grade. Any questions you can call or text me on 07737 034354.


Main Hall, Harpenden Leisure Centre, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2HU

Existing Belt Kyu
12:30pm – 1:30pm All Tiny Tigers
Blue Stripe
Orange Stripe
Red Stripe
Yellow Stripe
Green Stripe
Purple Stripe
Brown Stripe
 1:45pm – 3:00pm Gradings
White N/A
Blue 10th
Orange 9th
Red 8th
Yellow 7th
Green 6th
Purple 5th
Purple & White 4th
Brown 3rd
Brown & Single White 2nd Ho
Brown & Double White 2nd
Brown & Single Red 1st Ho
1:45pm – 4:30pm Assessments
Brown & Single Red 1st Ho
Brown & Double Red 1st

Please bring red licence book if not already handed in.


Call Brian on 07737 034 354


Last Training Day 2017

Last training day tomorrow.

A reminder: The replacement grading on January 14th is for those who were due to grade at the cancelled December grading.

If you are down to grade in January try to practice in between mince pie stuffing and present opening but don’t stress you wouldn’t have been invited to grade if you weren’t at the standard required, we understand you may be rusty over the break and this will be taken into consideration. The instructors will be there to help you so no stress, enjoy yourselves!

To all club members of MBKD
Have a wonderful Christmas 🎄 and a happy new year
Brian and Danni x

Final Lessons 2017 / First Lessons 2018

Dear Students,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank you all for training with Bushido Black Belt Academy.

As you know our training year is divided into 12 four-week periods, for which you pay 12 monthly payments on a set day each month. As there are 13 four-week periods in a year the dojos will be closed for four weeks over Christmas and New Year.

Below is a list of final lessons for 2017 and re-start dates for 2018.

Yours in Karate Do,

Brian Owen
MBKD UK Chief Instructor


 DOJO Final Lesson 2017 Re-start 2018
Abbots Langley
Tanners Wood Hall
Tuesday 12th December  Tuesday 16th January
Thomas Coram School
Tuesday 12th December Tuesday 16th January
Roundwood Park School
Thursday 14th December Thursday 18th January
Abbots Langley
Breakspeare School
Friday 15th December Friday 19th January
Pixmore Junior School
Friday 15th December Friday 19th January
Hemel Hempstead
Gadebridge Community Centre
Sunday 17th December Sunday 21st January
Roundwood Park Sports Centre
Sunday 17th December Sunday 21st January


New Grading Date January 14th 2018

Following the cancelled grading the new grading date is January 14th same venue, same times.

Only people already noted on the list can attend and Brown belt assessments as normal. If you didn’t hand in your licence don’t forget to bring this with you as there are no lessons now before this grading after this week.

If you cannot attend the grading we are unfortunately unable to offer an alternative and the next grading will be March as normal.

All monies already received will be carried forward to the next grading.

If you are unable to attend please let your instructor know who can arrange a refund of the fee alternatively the money can be held against the next grading in March.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we understand the new date may not be suitable for everyone but we were limited with booking options.

Thanks for your understanding and practice please !

Oh and Happy Christmas x