Tove Valley Towcester only

We have tried to find the easiest way to grade this venue. All other clubs are graded centrally in Harpenden on a weekend but understand it’s far to travel.

To keep things simple we decided to keep Towcester grading at Tove and have split the gradings over the year to alternate Mondays or Weds. We understand this may clash with other clubs but we have tried to give notice for the whole year for the grading dates and keep it fair. We apologise if this makes things tricky for you however we have tried to arrange it in the most convenient way possible allowing minimal travel, cost and also myself and Brian teach on other days. No plan will suit everyone we understand but in lesson gradings are not possible. If the grading falls on a day you train please attend an extra class to make up if you can.

You are also welcome to grade at Milton Keynes on a Saturday or Harpenden on a Sunday.

Thanks 😊

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