As one final quick swift Mae Geri to the …….s, we seem to have moved most of the classes into Tier 3. All we need is snow for the final blow to karate training for 2020.

However in true karate spirit we carry on. Classes will continue for the under 18’s and their gradings, please remember your red licence books. If you have applied but not yet received one it will be given on the day.

Anyone over 18 who wishes to grade can attend the lesson tonight at 7.30pm at Roundwood Park or 6.00pm at Letchworth, there is limited space available so its first come first served, please be sensible as we are trying to discourage large journeys you all know where you live and whats closest. Please text Brian if you wish to attend one of these lessons to grade 07737 034354.

All people that don’t grade will be graded ASAP when we can and tiers or details change.

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