Grading December 2020

We have made the decision that for the grading, due to circumstances, for this time only we will grade in class. Brian Owen, Gareth Armour, Oli Parkes and Sue Sutcliffe will be grading their own students at their own venues. Brown belt assessments will also be held in class.

We have taken this decision for safety which comes first and foremost. We feel it would be better to discourage unnecessary travel and to keep numbers at a more reasonable level. We also hope this will mean more students are able to attend as it will be in their normal lesson rather than everyone congregating and travelling to one venue.
If you are not grading you can attend those lessons to practice if you wish.

Due to the unprecedented times we feel this is the best solution and hope to keep everyone safe and maintain the usual Covid measures. Grading forms will be handed out next week. Please text to advise attendance and pay by BACS where possible. Bring your licence book and grading form on the day.

This grading will be slightly different. The grading will be based on the existing kata only and basics. No certificates will be issued to minimise paperwork and contact. The fees will be £15 per person including TIny Tigers. Unfortunately no spectators or photos will be allowed. Please can we ask you take any photos at home away from the hall when picking up to maintain Covid regulations.

Gradings will be held on each of the last lessons in December of this year.

Wednesday 16th
Thursday 17th
Friday 18th
Sunday 20th
Monday 21st
Tuesday 22nd.

With much regret we cannot do the sweetie run this year 😢 but hope to finish on a high with a Grading to mark the end of a very strange Karate year. Congratulations to you all for the continued attendance and hard work In difficult times and to all parents and carers who have supported us with the changes made.

Brian and Danni

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