Just a quick update on grading

Please wash your hands before entering the grading hall. Please wash your hands after you leave.

If you or anyone you know feels unwell please do not attend.

We have decided that there will no sparring at Sundays grading, just trying to have a sensible approach and minimise contact.

Also no handshakes at presentation, bowing is fine.

We would also ask that at this grading once you have finished to leave straight away and not to take photos and hang around. We have people coming and going all day so we would like to try and minimise gatherings and protect everyone as much as possible.

Take a picture when you get home 🙂

If you feel you are unable to attend the grading please let us know by text 07737 034354
Just advise name and club.

It’s an unusual situation but I’m sure we can make it work if we follow guidelines and advice.

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