Karate Protocol Covid

As the government restrictions have lifted we are updating our training conditions.

There is no need to text prior to class anymore as numbers aren’t restricted. 

After August 7th no shoes will need to be worn.

We would ask that brown belts and above bring their own equipment and mitts.

Any equipment used in class will be cleaned in between sessions.

We will allow, where the venue has access, availability to seating for parents and carers but will have to be guided by each centres decision.

We will provide hand gel if you wish to use as some equipment might be used please wash hands prior to the lesson if you do not wish to use gel.

Please do not attend if you feel unwell or are showing any symptoms or anyone in your household.

Please remember we all have our own feelings about “freedom” remember some people have never trained with us without the restrictions or barefoot so we may all need some time to ease back in. We have all had different journeys over the last few months.

If you don’t wish to participate in a particular activity within the session please advise your Sensei at the class.

Thank you for all the cooperation and look forward to seeing you all in the Dojo soon. Thank you to the instructors for continuing to teach and hopefully you all felt as safe as you could be whilst training.


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MBKD UK Chief Instructor

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